I believe that the curiosity and willingness to improve oneself is a necessary quality to living a meaningful and happy life. I am currently on a deep dive into a variety of routines, practices, experiments in self-discovery, which I’m endlessly fascinated by and excited to share. For me, meditation in particular has been a doorway of sorts into many other methods of self-improvement and growth.

I have kept a daily meditation practice since around 2011. I was trained in Transcendental Meditation, and maintained that practice for several years. In recent years, I have transitioned to a practice focused primarily on Vipassana or “mindfulness” meditation, and have attended several retreats of varying lengths. The discovery of these retreats and the amazing teachers who lead them has plunged me into the deep end of related materials including books, apps, podcasts, and online courses, many of which I recommend on my meditation page.

In addition to meditation and related materials, I have dabbled in large a variety of other experiements and practices. These include yoga, journaling, fasting, dieting, temperature contrast therapy and holotropic breath work, to name a few. Some of these practices have become part of my daily routine in one form or another.

It is a privilege to consider the pursuit of self-discovery and the assistance of others in that same quest a part of my existence as a musician, teacher and resident of Earth.